ACCA/CF Air Conditioning Contractors of Central Florida



Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS.

The ACCA of Central Florida organization has been active since 1966 with the crucial goal to better the HVACR Industry for its members and their customers.   ACCA/CF is committed to the betterment of the HVACR Industry and encourages educational development of those in the Industry.  ACCA/CF is an affiliated chapter of the Florida Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association a.k.a.(FRACCA). 


ACCA of Central Florida’s Mission Statement and Code of Ethics are the guiding principles of the 
Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Central Florida 

  • To constantly strive for improvement in the design, engineering, installation, operation and service of heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems. 
  • To establish a system of instruction and education for those engaged in the above fields. 
  • To establish ethical standards for the conduct of the heating, cooling and refrigeration business. 
  • To promote the acceptance by the general public of heating, cooling or refrigeration systems complying with the high minimum standards or system design. 
  • To establish and maintain a library of reference material for those engaged in the heating, cooling or refrigeration business. 
  • To cooperate with other trade associations and groups for the betterment of the Construction Industry. 
  • To promote the interchange of information among its members.

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