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The ACCA of Central Florida HARV Mechanic program is a full 3-year indentured apprentice program, Florida State Certified through the Florida Bureau of Apprenticeship. This program curriculum was handpicked by the ACCA of Central Florida Apprenticeship Committee for the local contractors to train their employees.

A certificate of competency will be issued for each full year of completion. Upon completion of the third program year, the apprentice will receive a final certificate of completion from the State of Florida Department of EducationBureau of Apprenticeship, and he/she will also be certified by the Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Central Florida. In addition to competency certificates, apprenticeship graduates will also receive patches for their uniforms as proof of their training to the public.

Apprenticeship is absolutely the very best way to learn our trade. The more on-the-job “hands-on” experience an apprentice gets; the more he/she learns in the classroom. Use the program the way it was designed and the rewards will be great for both the apprentice and the employer.Employees who already have some experience will take a diagnostic exam to determine their strengths. Using the exam and Apprenticeship Committee interview, the apprentice will be placed in the appropriate year of instruction. The employer and program coordinator will work hand-in-hand to supervise the training of the participating employer’s apprentice(s).



To enroll in the ACCA of Central Florida Apprenticeship program, applicants must: 

  • Proof of at least eighteen (18) years of age 
  • Be physically capable of performing the work 
  • Show proof of a valid Florida Drivers License 
  • Be able to read and write in English 
  • Be employed by a current member of ACCA/CF 
  • PAYMENT $500 per apprentice by employer


Apprenticeship Program Details

The term of apprenticeship shall be 6,000 hours, approximately 36 months, of continuous on the job (OJT) employment (including the probationary period) consistent with training requirements established by industry practice.  

Hours in related instruction are excluded from those in OJT.  6A-23.004(2)(b) FAC 

Upon satisfactory completion of the term of apprenticeship, the committee will request from the Registration Agency, through the Servicing Representative, that a Certificate of Completion be awarded. 

6A-23.004(2)(o) FAC WORK PROCESS OUTLINE OCCUPATION/TRADE: Heating and Air Conditioning Installer-Servicer  DOT #: 637-261-014

Apprenticeship Coordinator - Gary MacLeod - Orange County Technical College

 work: 407.905.2074   cell: 321.246.3889   email: 

Emery Cary, Assistant Apprenticeship Coordinator - Orange County Technical College

cell: 321. 356.0066       email: 

Executive Director: 407.260.2206 or email: Paula.Huband@ACCACF.COM